Knowing The Tax Codes And Exemptions From HMRC


It is always wise to double check details such as tax codes in order not to get into an issue with HMRC. There are many resulting problems otherwise because tax errors are commonly referred back to the wrong tax code used.

Tax_PlanningReasons for doing this may have to be the circumstances that have happened during the tax year, others may have more complex reasons than usual. An example would be having more than one job. There are quite a few who have switched from just two jobs into more after a given the time. If you are doing freelance work it also means you are dealing with more than one employer.


Tax Code

The tax code will show the amount of personal allowance, which is tax-free that you will be given. For 2012-13 the amount was £8,105. For most taxpayers that amount produced a tax code of 810. In 2013-14 it was £9,440 the code was 944. The code was 100 for 2014-15. It was for the amount £10,000.

Keep in mind that not everyone has the same series of tax code numbers. State pension will give a different number. As it is taxable but pays only the gross or with no tax deduction. It can complicate things. Because of this, it would result in a lower allowance. A lower allowance of course will have a lower code.

It pays to always check your tax code first.



Tax Exemption

You can ask HMRC, in some circumstances, not to pursue the tax. Known as Extra Statutory Concession A19. Consult with HMRC helpline to ask the premises to qualify you pursue this and what are the things to be done. You may also ask how to complain about poor services or delays from HMRC and when the PAYE tax can be written off. If you are an employee with issues regarding PAYE then try the ACAS number.

The usual reason to non-payment of income tax and capital gains is the agency’s failure to create the proper and timely information. Otherwise, here are the other instances:

HMRC received the relevant information but you were notified of the arrears more than a year after the end of the tax year.

easy-estimated-taxes-2013You were notified of an overpayment after the end of the tax year when you already paid an otherwise right amount of tax, and then the following year a tax refund was made from HMRC.

Regardless of what your circumstances are, read up on notices sent to you. Check and ensure that the tax due has been calculated on the basis of the correct information. Otherwise, call HMRC Customer Service.


Contact Info

Both a contact number and address is found on the tax coding notice. This information is also usually present on any other communications you receive from HMRC.

HMRC contact information is provided for at Contact them right away if things cannot be sorted out regarding any detail of your tax payments. If no solution is in sight then calling HMRC directly is a very good decision.