Ways And Means Of Reaching HMRC’s Attention On Your Tax Issues

Contacting HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are provided for in their main website. The website address is at www.hmrc.gov.uk.

Contact HMRC right away if things cannot be sorted out with your employer. If you took chance in accounting-and-tax-servicesvisiting the agency’s website and no solution is near in sight then the best course is to call HMRC directly.

Helpline Numbers

The following helplines are as follows:

HMRC Taxes Helpline for individuals and employees – 0300 200 3300

Text phone – 0300 200 3319

The number above is also for pensioners and people on benefits. A text phone is for people who are deaf or hearing/speech impaired.

HMRC Taxes Helpline for the newly self-employed – 0300 200 3504

Text phone – 0845 915 3296

HMRC Taxes Helpline for self assessment – 0300 200 3310

Text phone – 0300 200 3319

For other HMRC Helplines, visit the agency’s website cited above.

Prepare Your Number

Before you dial the numbers, have your National Insurance Number ready as well as your Tax Reference Number from the employer. If you are not sure, you may ask for it from them or you may refer to your pay slip. Look for P45 or P60.

Using an online form is also possible in some cases if you prefer to not be bothered by the long queue and waiting times. The topic coverage is somewhat limited though.

Below are some of the covered topics:

  • Reporting a change of name or address at www.hmrc.gov.uk
  • Telling HMRC that your tax code is wrong at www.hmrc.gov.uk
  • Registering as a self-employed at www.gov.uk.
  • If you need extra help from HMRC with your tax

Closing Down

Do take note that the Enquiry Centres of HMRC are closing down so the special services for extra help with taxes, tax credits or Child Benefit may have to be coursed through the online form as well.

It will only be in extreme cases now for the tax officers to do house calls. Cases like when you are disabled, too sick or very elderly perhaps. If you feel you qualify in this regard, then phone them and request for this option.tax_money

Once you used the helpline, the staff who received your concern will determine whether you require extra help or transfer you to someone who is better in helping you best.

Tax Experts

This can take form of talking over the phone with a tax specialist. If it will require a one-on-one meeting instead, then the helpline staff can arrange the meeting that is both convenient to you and the tax specialist.

There exists the Agents’ Issue Resolution Service, which will take you further on resolving your tax issues. Your accountant may recommend them. These agents have their own queues so that they can resolve your concern faster. They are usually referred to if the attempt to HMRC wasn’t able to provide a satisfying solution.

Preferably, HMRC wants you to get and use the main website at www.hmrc.gov.uk. If there’s an extra need, then pick up the phone and give them a call. Letters are for specific concerns while Twitter is for general tax issues and Q&As.

On Complaints

If one is unsatisfied with the outcome of complaints or negotiations with the tax agency, you can bring matters to the attention to the Ombudsman or the Adjudicator. Consulting with a tax charity or tax specialist is also advised before bringing the matter to the higher authorities.

It has been figuring in the news recently that the customer service at HMRC has gone so worse that it has already hampered on the tax collection. The help lines have not done so well in answering the volume of calls that it has reached the desks of the people in the public accounts committee.